A collection of testimonials for the Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber of Commerce from our members and partners:

    "The Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a first-class organization that has serving its membership and community at the core of its focus – and they show that in all they do!  They provide an incredible array of professional development opportunities, social events, and ways to improve business that is stunning in its scope and quality!  Under the outstanding leadership of Joe Aldaz, the Concilio  continues to grow and set the benchmark on how to create a powerhouse organization that is collaborative, cooperative, leverages the best resources in the community and serves its membership in a truly remarkable way! Colorado Springs area is blessed to have an organization like this and the national and regional awards the Concilio is garnering proves it!" - D.J. Vanas, Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Host of the PBS Special Discovering Your Warrior Spirit

    “The Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber is one of the strongest and most vibrant Chambers in the U.S. The fact that they actually grew during the pandemic says a lot about their solid leadership.” Ruben Gonzalez - Olympian, Author, Speaker - TheLugeMan.com 

    "Since becoming members in 2020 CSD Cyber has been warmly welcomed by the chamber’s members and its president Mr. Joe Aldaz. Even before joining the chamber, Joe had been supportive of the Hispanic business communities needs and challenges by attending our Hispanic Start-up Weekend where he visited with Latino entrepreneurs and guest speakers to help learn and develop more around starting their own business and what it takes to sustain a successful start-up. Even despite a global pandemic, the Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber (CSHCC) used creative ideas and ingenuity to bring vibrant guest speakers and celebrities to speak to the membership.

    Most recently the Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber has had some great success with its annual La Vida summer event, bringing in hundreds to the event and highlighting great local and national talent. Secondly, the chamber has had the ability to grow its membership by offering monthly events around business, economic and social luncheons. By being active, the chamber has become a recognized organization with other chambers and civic groups around Colorado Springs. From a national level the chamber was recognized by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at the national level being name the Small Chamber of the Year. I trust this won’t last for long as the chamber’s efforts will certainly help to grow the membership to a larger chapter!

    If your organization is looking to grow and sees the Hispanic community as part of that dynamic, join an organization that will welcome you to be one of its own. Join the CSHCC." - Alfred Ortiz, CEO, CSD Cyber

    "Since working with and joining the Hispanic Business Council, a year ago, Jess and I have seen increases in business to business relationships with our brewery Atrevida Beer Company.  Word of mouth and media coverage has increased.  We recognized the power of Latino businesses working together to project a voice in order to bring our products and services to the table.  We have grown with the educational and motivational speakers the Concilio has presented.  We are excited and extremely happy with our investment in our membership and plan to continue into the future. Somos Unidos! Somos El Concilio! Salud!" - Jess and Rich Fierro, Owners, Atrevida Beer Company

    My name is Charmas Lee co-owner of Building Champions, a highly successful business located in Colorado Springs, Colorado that specializes in performance and achievement. As a business owner and entrepreneur for over 24 years  I have been a member of many organization throughout Colorado Springs and elsewhere in the country. Before I choose to become a member of an organization I perform my own research. I like to attend an event or function to determine whether or not they are a good fit. I ask myself the following questions and it is becomes crystal clear;  Is this organization invested in the community? Does it live out its vision and mission?  What are the quality and characteristics of the leadership?   Under the leadership of Joe Aldaz I can attest that the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce not only meets, but, exceeds my criteria.  I became a member of the Hispanic Chamber in September 2019 and it has been a great investment. - Charmas Lee, Owner, Building Champions