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    ?? Elevate Your Leadership Journey with Marcial B. Dumlao, Founder and CEO of Cool Persistence Coaching! ??
    Meet Marcial B. Dumlao, a decisive leader, certified FocalPoint Business Coach, and U.S. Naval Officer (Ret) committed to your success. With a distinguished career in Strategy, Planning, and Organizational Development, Marcial excels in guiding strategic initiatives and fostering growth-oriented cultures. His expertise spans project management, mentorship, and digital transformation, prioritizing "mission first, people always."

    As the visionary force behind Cool Persistence Coaching, Marcial connects with business owners, senior managers, and leaders, bringing growth, massive transformation, and team cohesion. He is the author of "Kadima – Mastering Your Destiny Through Cool Persistence," designed for emerging leaders. Cool Persistence Coaching empowers leaders across industries to achieve transformative success through expert coaching, leveraging the Trust Edge, The Prioritized Leader, and FocalPoint Executive Coaching Frameworks.

    Embark on a transformative journey with Marcial and Cool Persistence Coaching. Amplify your leadership skills, cultivate a harmonious corporate culture, and unlock unparalleled success. Join us where your leadership story transforms into a saga of extraordinary achievements and empowered fulfillment. ???? #LeadershipExcellence #TrustEdge #SuccessJourney #CoolPersistenceCoaching